About us

At touchzx.com we sincerely hope to offer effective solutions on Macs, iPhone and iPad for various creative purposes. More specifically we are concerned about how ideas can be translated to real data, tracked and nurtured so that they can be shared, presented or developed to real content or products.

Simply put we will help you save time and money by

  1. Testing and evaluating workflows to achieve specific purposes, rather than review just about every little ta-da-ware on the market
  2. Explain using infographics, mindmaps and screenshots whenever possible, to reduce your time.
  3. Focus on how certain products, apps can be used in a larger context and how they impact overall productivity, rather than so many stars! If its worth it for your workflow, even 2 stars out of 5 may do the trick!
  4. Keep you updated of screencasts that can be purchased at touchzx.com (for desktops or iOS).
  5. Asian Perspective too! sure the world is getting flat, but technology is not as affordable in Asia but we do have some advantages of tech human resources and service. We hope to pass tips about maximizing Apple technologies in India, Thailand, and SEAsia.

We are a small team of tech  (and travel) freaks, based in Mumbai, India but thanks to twitter we are tossed around everywhere!

touchzx.com is owned and operated by saumilzx.com

Saumil Bhukhanwala, is a Computer Engineer (MS Iowa State Univ, USA) with a specialization in digital imaging. He has been working on Macs since 1991, been involved in creating Photoshop plugins, and has worked with digital pre-press service bureaus in New York. A campus job at the Iowa State Daily sure helped him push his visual skills and he has been applying them to Mac interfaces (with Applescript) to automate tasks. Although not a big fan of how patents are deployed in the online era, Saumil has two patents with the USPTO. He lives in India and also creates custom travel programs for SEAsia.

twitter: @saumilzx

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