Testing Blogsy

So far iPad has not had an effective blogging app. Updating blogs with the iPad required logging in to a web service using Safari or using an email based approach, as in Posterous. However, it was not easy to make a quick post on the iPad with basic formatting such as bold or italics, alignment and inserting media files.

Perhaps Blogsy can change that?

The good news is that Blogsy does address these issues. Rich text and images can be inserted into your post from an online source, and importantly from the Photo Album on your iPad, as in this test screenshot.

The process is quick and it works, but you do need to flip between a rich view for certain media/table insertions, and to an HTML view for writing. If you are comfortable with a basic HTML, you should be fine.

One of the best uses of using such an editor, would be for posts based on Images (not just photos- but charts, reviews of apps using screenshots, tutorials which need flowcharts or diagrams).

It also keeps a list of media uploads to wordpress from the photo library. This is nice, as you can upload screenshots, drawings or annotated whiteboards first. Then when you explain the images, later, you have them in the sidebar of the app