This is the list of links and concepts from my last post some of which are already ready for an Apple Tablet and those concepts which can shift paradigms with more gestures and 3D for the UI and 3D FX within documents too-

3D and Realism

Times RSS Reader
Apple’s GUI Patent of 1995
Magic Cap OS
Headspace Lite
Bee Docs Timeline

VR Shopping and in-app upgrades
iVerse Comics

OpenDoc-like parts/drag-drop tools & services
Circus Ponies Notebook
Speak it

Easy Rich media creation
Magic move in Keynote 09!

Gaming and Entertainment
Dock the tablet into a larger screen- my 2009 wishlist
Wooble iBoobs (not tested, but pinch-shake apps will wobble the adult industry for sure).

As mentioned in the last post Apple used to innovate for survival, today it is in a position to innovate to shake the industry. Whether an Apple tablet shifts paradigm(s) or not, many of the cool apps/ideas on the Mac OS X and iPhone are already begging for a tablet and will change the way we work – in a very big way- by just running/porting them to a tablet.

It is all about is Apple’s Positional karma!
One more day to go!
26 January 2010